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Inside Story of How We Build Better Experiences for Our Customers Every Day

26 April 2021
Inside Story of How We Build Better Experiences for Our Customers Every Day
Over the 40 years since its founding as a vehicle title loan company in 1980, Ngern Tid Lor has undertaken many changes and transformations as we continually strive to create better experiences for our customers.  
Today, not only is Ngern Tid Lor a leader in creating a fair, transparent, and fast customer service in the vehicle title loan business, and a leading non-life insurance brokerage company with branches nationwide, we also offer opportunities for both our loan and insurance customers to improve their quality of life with faster, safer, and easier transactions.
One of the keys that make Ngern Tid Lor a leader in customer care is that we use digital technologies to help our employees deliver better customer experiences across all channels, under the concept of "Happy Employees Make Happy Customers" . Ms. Piano Watcharapolmek, our Head of Operations and Operational Risk Management, tells us about the inside story of how Ngern Tid Lor creates better customers experiences every day:
“The main task of Operations at Ngern Tid Lor is to provide services to facilitate internal customers (our employees) and external customers (our customers), because we believe that if we can help our employees or departments to work more comfortably and easier, they will pass on these positive experiences to customers.”

Reduce Hassles to Deliver Better Services

An example of “Happy employees make happy customers” mentioned by Piano is the implementation of a salesforce platform to collect customer information including names, addresses, phone numbers, and their activities related to Ngern Tid Lor from all our service channels such as phone calls, emails, digital channels, and branches in a single system. This allows customer service staff to provide care and services to customers more conveniently, quickly, and efficiently.

“Our customers expect Customer Services, which provides support to customers 24/7, to be able to give them answers to any questions they ask. Previously, our customer service staff had to search for information from up to 11 separate systems in order to answer customer inquiries. The more products we have, the more information Customer Services needs to support customers. This is the reason we implemented the salesforce system in 2020. Although this system is currently in the first development phase, it has already helped Customer Services reduce the amount of time spent searching for information by up to 50 percent.

Moreover, having all the customer information in a central system allows Customer Services and related teams to gain a 360-degree view of customer behavior. Once this system is implemented, Customer Services will see all information of the customer’s past and present activities, thus reducing the time taken asking the customer questions, and improving the service speed and efficiency.

The measurable outcome is that the QA (Quality Assurance) staff can now monitor up to 800 customer calls per month, compared to 660 customer calls per month with the same number of staff previously. This allows us to manage customer service quality more inclusively.”

Deliver Positive Experiences from Beginning to End

Another team that can deliver better experiences to customers from the very beginning is the Welcome Call team. As Piano tells us:

“The Welcome Call team will contact customers to explain the loan or insurance contract details to them one more time. This will also give customers the opportunity to ask about any issues that they still do not understand and for the staff to introduce other services such as payment channels and enquiry channels that can make the customer’s life easier.

In the past, the Welcome Call staff spent about seven minutes per call explaining and answering customer questions. However, after the salesforce system implementation, they have reduced the time down to four minutes per call, thus allowing them to serve more customers.”

With Highly-Skilled Teams, Problems Can Be Solved Correctly

In addition to using the salesforce system to help our staff understand customers better, the Customer Services team is also divided into sub-teams to provide services to more specific groups of customers, including the Voice, Non Voice, Insurance Customer Care, Digital Care, and CS Retention teams. 

These are just some examples of the customer service improvements that help us work more easily and efficiently. They reduce complication in our work process but produce less-is-more results, which allows us to deliver better experiences to customers every day from beginning to end.

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