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Leading Credit Provider in Low-income People Market

25 November 2019
Leading Credit Provider in Low-income People Market
Paving ways for the underbanked customers to experience convenience and speed in digital services, Interview with the leader of digital team from Ngern Tid Lor

Ngern Tid Lor Co., Ltd., leader among car title loan providers and casualty insurance brokers with branches nationwide, continues to show its potential as the leader in providing credit service to low-income people. This is in accordance with the goal to offer access to financial services that are fair and transparent, which is everyone’s fundamental right.

Taking a step alongside with changing technology

Pakamon Tulyapizitchai, Head of Digital Transformation, Ngern Tid Lor Co., Ltd. opens up on entering the digital era in which the company has been proceeding continuously, in accordance with the corporate value that encourages non-stop self-development and eagerness to be the leader of change.

This is to let customers of Ngern Tid Lor’s, most of which are underbanked, experience convenient and swift services with reasonable prices, from the digital technology that is changing everyone’s life globally. The company has been trying to utilize digital technology by applying to the company’s services all along. In 2019, we have installed more features on our Line Official Account which gives options of self-service to the customer such as e-barcode that supports the customer who has to pay bills at the Counter Service and the banks near their places. We also added wire-transferring options for the customers, up to 22 banks. Chat Bot was also created to answer questions regarding Ngern Tid Lor’s products and also to provide financial knowledge.
“We are the organization that gives our staff a chance to think, do and experiment new ideas without seeing mistakes as something bad. This is the key to success in creating products that could promptly meet the customers’ needs.”

To launch a Mobile Application developed from the understanding in ‘the low-income people’

In 2020, Ngern Tid Lor prepares to launch a Mobile Application ‘Ngern Tid Lor’ to provide financial services and products that are suitable, sincere, and prompt for the customers. The Application will help, not only, checking the balance, checking the account movement, checking the details of products, but the application also has fun features such as collecting points in exchange for discounts and prizes, which will bring new experiences to the target customers of Ngern Tid Lor.

The most important thing to add in the Mobile Application ‘Ngern Tid Lor’ is to encourage for good financial behavior, e.g. if the customer always pays on time, such customers will receive points for good discipline and chances to win special prizes. Moreover, there are interesting features to provide knowledge on finance to the customers via the Chat Bot ‘Chang Jai’ who will give advice on smart spending that leads to the ‘debt-free state’ which has been Ngern Tid Lor’s ultimate goal all along.
“One thing that keeps our staff motivated is everyone’s belief in the company’s intention, which makes everyone proud to work with Ngern Tid Lor. We are always proud when the company tells us that once we focus less on the profit, we will have more time to focus on the customers.”

Set the goal to ‘rolls forward further’

Pakamon also talked about Ngern Tid Lor’s next goal to rolls forward by expanding to the Tech Company territory, to use all digital platforms that the company has developed in helping customers and business owners in the neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and etc.

“Everything we have put thoughts into and created, we have done so while also looking beyond into the future. We believe that we will keep growing sustainably, and when the day comes, we would like to share the opportunities for success, which is one of our corporate values, to our neighbors.”

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