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Stay Ready, Seize Opportunity: A Small Step Leading to Success.

08 January 2024
Stay Ready, Seize Opportunity:  A Small Step Leading to Success.
‘Ngern Tidlor is an organization of opportunities and happiness’ is a true statement originating from the real-life stories of NTLers. Many people start from small beginnings but are eager to seize every opportunity, learn, and constantly adapt. They grow to become leaders today, such as the story of Phisanupong Kongaon, who recently assumed the role of Assistant General Regional Manager-NO in the past year.

A Start of ‘Life Changing’Event

“After completing my studies, I worked as a delivery driver for a while before applying to become a 'Loan Officers' at the Ngern Tidlor branch in Laem Chabang, Chonburi province. Before that, I did not have knowledge background about providing loan or financing services at all. However, Ngern Tidlor provided me with the opportunity to learn everything.”

After working for only 1 year, Phisanupong had to adapt to the initial challenges arising from the adjustments made to the operational structure of Ngern Tidlor at that time.

“At that time, the company consolidated the roles of 'Loan Officers' and 'Financial Officers' into a single position, referred to as a Customer Service Officer (CSO), aiming to enhance efficiency.

Previously, the roles were clearly separated, with mostly male Loan Officers responsible for inspecting customers' vehicles on-site and taking pictures. Meanwhile, female Financial Officers worked at desks in front of computer screens, recording details and coordinating financial matters.

However, with the changes that occurred, the headquarters assisted in preparing employees by managing training sessions to enhance their knowledge in areas such as vehicle valuation, installment collection, and cash reconciliation. This was to equip the employees with improved skills and efficiency in their work.

At that time, many employees who were Loan Officers resigned because they felt that the detailed nature of the work was not suitable for them. They were not dare to step out of their comfort zone and did not want to undergo computer training.

However, I chose to adapt, learn, and embrace new work opportunities. I understood that the company needed changes to grow, and I, too, needed to evolve accordingly.”

The decision to seize that opportunity back then was the initial starting point of a 'life-changing' journey. After that, Phisanupong had the chance to develop himself and continuously progress in his roles and responsibilities.


“I believe I made the right decision in seizing the opportunity. From that CSO position back then, I continuously grew into an Area Manager.

Today, I have the opportunity to further develop and hold the position of Assistant General Regional Manager-NO. This role involves overseeing area managers and branch managers in each location, and overall, I am responsible for approximately 200 people.”

A Leader’s Role is to Create More ‘Leaders’

“While I am proud of the opportunity received, I do have some apprehension regarding the team as there are area managers who are newcomers. They are still in the process of developing their people management skills. I cannot directly perform the tasks for them.

However, I must try to share knowledge and enhance skills to empower the area managers, enabling them to assist branch managers effectively. At Ngern Tidlor, we believe that the leader's role is to create more ‘leaders’, not just followers. Another area of concern is regarding potential fraud.

In the past, when managing a team of 30-40 people, overseeing and managing were simpler. However, as the team has grown larger, I have to think of ways to prevent such incidents from happening. I will use past cases as examples to illustrate the potential consequences of fraud if it were to occur.

Finally, I strive to be a good example for the team members, showcasing leadership qualities and corporate core values. ”

Key to Self-Growth: Stay Ready to Learn, Open-Minded with Colleagues

One thing that reflects Phisanupong’s remarkable growth is his consistent openness to learning and willingness to learn from those around him. He explained:

“I have embraced every opportunity that the company has offered me to become a better and more skilled individual, whether it be external or internal training courses.”

In addition to learning from those with more experience, Phisanupong is also open to learning from junior colleagues who are under his supervision.

“There have been several instances where the junior colleagues have been excellent teachers for me. As I grow into leadership roles, I must admit that we don't know everything about the daily operations as I did in the past. Some aspects may slip from my memory, but my colleagues continue to handle them every day. They serve as a reminder, pointing out things I might have forgotten that we cannot or can still do.”

A Tip to gain trust from team members: Be both a friend and a leader.

“I believe that a leader must play two roles: being both a friend and a boss. The team members should be willing to confront, advise, and open up to us. Additionally, a leader should be approachable and know when to listen and when to speak.

For example, when team members come to discuss personal or family issues, I try to listen more than speak because sometimes they don't seek solutions; they just need someone to listen. If I genuinely listen, they will feel more comfortable trusting me. ”

Factors for success

“First and foremost, I must express my gratitude to my 'family,' who has been a crucial source of encouragement and has sacrificed to support my full growth in my professional role.

Following that, I want to thank all the senior managers, especially Mr. Buncha Ruangsang, the General Regional Manager-CE, who has given me opportunities since I was a Branch Manager until I progressed to the position of an Area Manager.

I also appreciate my team members and all the executives who have provided continuous support, assistance, and encouragement, pushing me to reach the position I am in today.

Everyone is an idol for me, especially Mr. Piyasak Ukritnukun, the MD at Ngern Tid Lor Public Company Limited, whom I deeply respect and believe in due to his broad and visionary perspectives. He is someone who vividly paints the future of the company for me.”

Lastly, Phisanupong shares the 'Secret Sauce for growth' with everyone, which is:

“We all have the same 24 hours a day. We need to think about how we use these 24 hours and for whom. If we want to be comfortable in our later years, we must work hard when we are young.

When opportunities arise, we should seize them without waiting for perfect readiness. I can say this because at Ngern Tidlor, there are courses and workshops ready to support everyone's learning, enabling us to make the most of the opportunities we receive.

Don't be fearful that the organization won't grow, but be afraid of not being ready to learn and adapt to the opportunities that come along. If we are not prepared for change, we might not be able to keep up with the organization.


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