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TIDLOR Insurance Broker: Empowering Thais for Financial Peace of Mind

09 October 2023
TIDLOR Insurance Broker:  Empowering Thais for Financial Peace of Mind

‘TIDLOR Insurance Broker’ is another key business of Ngern Tid Lor, which began with the intention to promote accessibility of every Thai to motor insurance, utilizing strategies and innovations to drive this purpose. The best proof reflecting the success of TIDLOR Insurance Broker is not only its rise to the second position in the insurance broker industry and the numerous awards received, but also a testament to the trust and confidence of our valued customers.

Currently, Thailand has a total of 19,325,932 registered vehicles1, but not every vehicle is insured with voluntary motor insurance. This is the driving force behind Ngern Tidlor, which understands the necessity of using vehicles for Thai people in both work and life and the potential risks they may encounter due to unforeseen accidents. Ngern Tidlor is committed to expanding the insurance broker business or TIDLOR Insurance Broker to create more opportunities for Thais to access motor insurance.      

Understanding that 'unforeseen events' or 'accidents' can happen at any time without allowing customers to accumulate a sufficient lump sum to purchase insurance or waiting for customers to pay off their insurance before offering coverage, TIDLOR Insurance Broker has started offering options to enable customers to split their insurance premiums and pay them in cash, without the need for credit cards and without interest. Most importantly, coverage begins immediately from the very first installment.

Currently, customers can choose to split insurance premiums into up to 10 installments, making it much more accessible for people in Thai society to obtain insurance coverage and also ensuring that customers do not miss out on protection due to pending premium payments.    

Strategies and Innovations Driving the 'Mission'

In order to efficiently fulfill our mission and provide customers with a variety of options to choose car insurance that suits them, TIDLOR Insurance Broker has partnered with leading insurance companies to offer products and insurance terms that customers can select according to their conditions.

Additionally, we have developed various channels for presenting comprehensive insurance products, including nationwide branches, telesales, and online platforms. With a team of over 5,000 well-trained licensed insurance experts, we are ready to provide sincere and helpful advice.

Furthermore, TIDLOR Insurance Broker innovatively offers products through a dedicated insurance platform specifically designed to elevate the standards of insurance brokerage. This platform allows customers to quickly and conveniently choose the coverage that suits their needs.

In 2021, TIDLOR Insurance Broker became the second-leading company in the field of non-life insurance brokers in Thailand focusing on retail customers. Currently, it provided insurance access for up to 5,791,927 individuals, supported over 480,000 customers who have experienced losses with compensation exceeding 8.3 billion Baht, and assisted 11,477 motor insurance customers who faced substantial damages from accidents by providing full compensation worth over 2.9 billion Baht (data from 2017 to July 31, 2023).

TIDLOR Insurance Broker also provides Personal Accident Insurance (Free PA) to motorcycle title loan borrowers, free of charge, to promote insurance coverage for 1,763,110 policies, with a total compensation value of 230 million Baht (data as of July 31, 2023). Furthermore, it serves as a primary insurance for credit customers who have lost their lives or suffered permanent disability due to accidents or illnesses through Credit Life Insurance (PPI), covering 4,230 customers with total compensation exceeding 575 million Baht.

‘TIDLOR Insurance Broker’ has also received numerous quality assurance awards for its business operations, such as the Best Insurance Technology 2023 by The Asian Banker, Best Customer Centric Business Model - B2B2C 2022 by The Digital Banker, and Insurance Product Innovation of the Year–Thailand 2022 by The Asian Banking & Finance.

Customer Testimonies: Real Experiences with TIDLOR Insurance Broker

‘TIDLOR Insurance Broker’ Helps Lighten the Burden

Jeeranan Moen
Occupation: Housewife
Jeeranan has owned a car for just three years. However, in the past year, her financial situation was relatively tight, which is why she couldn't afford to buy insurance with a lump sum.

“During that time, my husband fell ill, causing an increase in his medication expenses. Besides other necessary expenses, we had to use the car to take him to the hospital. One day, I remembered that our car insurance was about to expire. A friend suggested trying contacting TIDLOR Insurance Broker.

When I called, they provided a service right to my home. I told them I wanted something affordable. So, I was recommended the first class insurance plan, which costs 1,450 Baht per month, without interest

We used to pay insurance in one lump sum, so encountering this was a relief because it wasn’t burdensome, and they didn’t need a credit card. All it took was signing my name, and I was approved. It was so easy, and we were very impressed. They deserve a perfect 10 stars.”

24/7 Worry –Free Journey with TIDLOR Insurance Broker

Somrak Kanchano
Occupation: Delivery Driver

Somrak's occupation requires him to use his car every day with barely any breaks. With almost no free time, having motor insurance with TIDLOR Insurance Broker and their round-the-clock customer care service perfectly suits his needs.

“I think motor insurance is very important because I drive all the time, and there's always a risk of accidents. But with insurance, it reduces my worries about damage expenses.

When an accident happens, I immediately think of TIDLOR Insurance Broker. I can call them even at midnight, and they are available 24/7. They handle claims quickly and the paperwork is not complicated.

Buying insurance is easy. I can send documents and make payments online. Plus, I get an instant coverage. It's very convenient and suits me well because I'm often busy and need to manage my business finances. TIDLOR Insurance Broker offers a 0% installment payment plan for up to 10 months, which allows me to use my money for other necessary expenses because I don't have to pay a lump sum. I'm very grateful to TIDLOR Insurance Broker.”

‘TIDLOR Insurance Broker’ Provides Multiple Choices for Premium and Coverage

Saowaluck Pomsathit
Occupation: Business Owner

Saowaluck is an owner of a retail store in a local market of Ang Thong Province. She has a total of five cars, which she uses for her business and daily life. All five cars are insured with TIDLOR Insurance Broker because she is impressed with the convenient and fast service they provide. Furthermore, they offer a variety of insurance products to choose from.

“I've recommended TIDLOR Insurance Broker to many people because they provide excellent and fast service whether you choose to visit their branches or opt for their home service. You don't have to wait for a long time, and they provide good advice.

Another thing I appreciate is that TIDLOR Insurance Broker offers various options, including the insurance premiums for different companies and where you can get your car repaired. This helps us make decisions easily and conveniently.
I also like that they offer 0% installment plans, which means I don't have to pay a lump sum, greatly reducing my financial burden. It's easy to make payments, even from the comfort of your own home.

We have five cars, and we've insured all of them with TIDLOR Insurance Broker”

Claim within an installment plan: TIDLOR Insurance Broker is the Best Decision I’ve ever made.

Chayanid Chaothonglang
Occupation: Online merchant

Chayanid has been a customer of TIDLOR Insurance Broker for three years. She says that apart from the ease of purchasing and installment payments, making claims is also straightforward. She also shared her experience in renewing car insurance:

“The first time I had to renew my car insurance, I didn't have a lump sum of money or a credit card. I thought it would be better not to renew it at all. But luckily, I saw the advertisement for TIDLOR Insurance Broker with 0% interest for 10 months, and I thought to myself, 'Is it for real?' And yes, it’s really for real. It's also easy. I used LINE to take pictures of the car registration, photos of all four sides of the car, and a copy of my ID card. I paid the first installment, and that's it. I got instant coverage.

Even while I still had half of the insurance installment left to pay, I could make the claim. It was a really good decision to choose TIDLOR Insurance Broker.

I'm impressed with TIDLOR Insurance Broker, and I've recommended it to many people. I think I’ll continue to use the services of TIDLOR Insurance Broker.”

TIDLOR Insurance Broker Offers Comfortable Installment Plans and Immediate Coverage.

Saichon Sitthison

Occupation: Rubber Farmer

Saichon has five vehicles for regular use, including two 6-wheel trucks, two pickup trucks, and another sedan. He has insured all of them with TIDLOR Insurance Broker.’

“I choose TIDLOR Insurance Broker's services because they offer a 0% interest payment plan that can be extended for up to 10 months. This way, I don't need to pay a lump sum for full coverage. It's quite convenient because the installments are not high, there's no interest, and I receive immediate coverage. I've been using TIDLOR Insurance Broker for five years now.

Paying the installments is also easy. Since my house is 70 kilometers away from the nearest branch, I choose to make my insurance payments through the NTL app. It saves time, there's no need for travel expenses, and it takes less than five minutes to complete the transaction. However, for those who prefer visiting a branch, they receive excellent in-person service.

I'd like to recommend that if you're thinking of renewing your car insurance, give TIDLOR Insurance Broker a try.”

Life has become more Convenient and Easier because of TIDLOR Insurance Broker:’

Prakhong Ngamvilai
Occupation: Electrical Appliance Repair Technician

Prakhong needs to drive for transporting electrical appliances that are brought in for repair to provide convenience for her customers. Therefore, she always understands the importance of having car insurance.

“We never know when an accident might happen. Having insurance gives us peace of mind and comfort. I chose to get insurance with TIDLOR Insurance Broker because their staff provides excellent service. They explain everything clearly and easily to understand. Another thing is that I can pay the insurance premiums in installments, so I don't have to gather a lump sum to get insured. The payment process is easy. Personally, I pay my insurance installments through the NTL app because it's convenient and allows me to pay anytime, anywhere.

Filing a claim is also straightforward. I once had a minor accident when I hit a parked motorcycle. At first, I was worried because I didn't have my policy documents with me. So, I called their branch, and the staff there helped me contact the insurance company and coordinated the claims process. I didn't have to stress about the claim process at all. TIDLOR Insurance Broker made my lives more convenient and comfortable.”

All of these serves as a testament to the commitment to creating opportunities for Thai people to access car insurance inclusively and fairly. It also reflects TIDLOR Insurance Broker’s dedication to building and elevating the motor insurance purchasing experience, making it more convenient and easier for customers as well as setting a new standard in the insurance brokerage industry.



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