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Ngern Tidlor Supports Regional and Global Studies on Financial Inclusion; Empowers Financial Inclusion in Thailand

31 October 2023
Ngern Tidlor Supports Regional and Global Studies on Financial Inclusion;  Empowers Financial Inclusion in Thailand
Ngern Tid Lor Public Company Limited, known as TIDLOR, participated in “Financial Inclusion in Post-COVID Southeast Asia: Accelerating Impact Beyond Access”, a recently published study conducted by the Centre for Impact Investing and Practices (CIIP), in partnership with the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) and Helicap, supported by 60 Decibels. CIIP is a non-profit entity established by Temasek Trust to foster impact investing and practices in Asia and beyond.

The Southeast Asian regional study on financial inclusion impact outcomes aimed to gather in-depth information and insights from financial services providers, investors, industry associations, and end-customers that will contribute to the development of the financial health ecosystem on the ASEAN level.

As part of this study, Ngern Tidlor, supported by CIIP, participated in a survey which was undertaken by 60 Decibels, a global impact measurement company. The survey aimed at assessing financial inclusion impact outcomes, specifically targeting underbanked loan applicants. This comprehensive survey covers various aspects, including loan accessibility, the impact on customers' livelihoods, and protection of their rights. This survey also contributes to 60 Decibel’s global 2023 Microfinance Index, which was released in early October 2024.

Piyasak Ukritnukun, Managing Director of Ngern Tidlor, stated, "Through our participation in regional and global studies such as the ‘Financial Inclusion in Post-COVID Southeast Asia’ report and the 2023 Microfinance Index, Ngern Tidlor has gained valuable insights into the financial services used by lower-income customers in Thailand. Furthermore, we have shared and applied this information to enhance the development of products and services, thus increasing their efficiency and improving the quality of life for our target customers."

Notably, Ngern Tidlor is the sole institute from Thailand participating in this survey in 2023, demonstrating its commitment to providing financial opportunities for the public, especially lower-income customers, small business owners, and underbanked applicants. This mission aligns with Ngern Tidlor's ongoing efforts to promote sustainability within society, guided by the concept of the SDGs: Sustainable Development Goals. We continuously offer financial knowledge to communities and the public.

For more information, please visit Ngern Tidlor at www.tidlor.com or find us on Facebook at Ngerntidlor. You can also reach our 24-hour call centre at 088-088-0880.

The “Financial Inclusion in Post-COVID Southeast Asia: Accelerating Impact Beyond Access” report, published in June 2024, is part of a multi-phase study by CIIP which is focused on deepening financial inclusion in Southeast Asia by defining, illustrating, and examining impact outcomes through financial inclusion in the region. An addendum, which deep-dives into customer impact was published in August 2024. The data and insights within this addendum provide additional analyses not contained within the June 2024 report, including data from three additional FSPs (31 FSPs in total) and 1,974 customers (8,498 customers in total) for whom data collection was ongoing at the time of the report’s publication. You can find more information and download these reports at https://ciip.com.sg/knowledge-hub/research-insights

The Microfinance Index 2023 is a project aiming to collect data from over 1 million survey samples through interviews with more than 32,000 lower-income customers across 32 countries, representing a total of 84 million customers from 114 financial service providers worldwide. Conducted by the firm 60 Decibels, this research seeks to uncover the impactful results experienced by Ngern Tidlor customers.

The survey builds upon the foundation of the Global Microfinance Index (MFI Index), an annual research initiative that delivers benchmark results and insights into the impact of various financial service providers, including fintech and non-banking financial institutions that operate with the goal of creating positive societal impacts. The MFI Index contributes to expanding service offerings and promoting access to financial services in Southeast Asia. For more information, please download the 2023 financial index report at https://60decibels.com/insights/mfi-index.

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