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“Ngern Tid Lor” expands to 1,500 branches and more omni-channel service points

02 August 2022
“Ngern Tid Lor” expands to 1,500 branches and more omni-channel service points

Ngern Tid Lor Public Company Limited (TIDLOR), represented by Chaweemas Yamyim, Head of Branch Development & Sales Management and Collections Department, and Supachoke Akkarakulyos, SVP Branch Sales Management & Channel Management, Branch Development & Sales Management Department, celebrated the opening of 1,500 branches of Ngern Tid Lor nationwide. In 2022, Ngern Tid Lor plans to add at least 300 more branches, bringing the total to 1,568 branches. The pace of the company’s branch expansion continues to move full steam ahead as planned. The expansion is backed by the highest outstanding debt per branch among car registration loan operators.

Besides the continuous branch expansion, the company remains focused on driving business with innovation, pioneering and adopting technology platforms to connect, integrate and create customer experiences across multiple communication channels and services (Omni-channel). This will elevate the standard of business and service operations and enable customers to experience Ngern Tid Lor services through various channels, including branches in leading gas stations, shopping malls and community malls as suits today’s convenience-focused customer lifestyle.

TIDLOR Card holders can receive 24-hour service at over 50,000 ATMs of leading commercial banks nationwide, including through the ‘Ngern Tid Lor’ application and its call center. Allowing customers to easily and conveniently access services anywhere as well as the 24-hours call center, as of July 2022, the application has more than 1.5 million downloads.

This reflects strong determination to use the benefits of innovation to drive business, create fair and transparent financial opportunities, reduce the financial gap separating people in Thai society, and promote people to enjoy better access to insurance protection for greater risk management.

For more information, visit www.tidlor.com or Facebook Fan page Ngern Tid Lor or contact the call center at 088-088-0880 around the clock.

Source: Bangkok Post


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