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Ngern Tid Lor introduces “TIDLOR Insurance Broker”

01 June 2022
Ngern Tid Lor introduces “TIDLOR Insurance Broker”

Ngern Tid Lor has officially launched TIDLOR Insurance Broker, the no. 2 insurance brokerage brand in Thailand. Mr. Piyasak Ukritnukun, Managing Director of Ngern Tid Lor Public Company Limited (TIDLOR), said, “The purpose is to create better brand recognition as an insurance broker and clearly differentiate two brands for insurance brokerage and vehicle loans. He said the move also makes communication with the target audience more effective.”

Capitalizing on its knowledge, skills and experience from providing vehicle loans to retail and self-employed customers along with its great understanding of customer needs, Ngern Tid Lor initiated a non-life insurance brokerage business in 2013.

Thanks to being an innovative organisation, the insurance brokerage business has grown in leaps and bounds. In 2019 it expanded into a life insurance brokerage business offering comprehensive insurance covering more customers’ needs.

As the forerunner, TIDLOR Insurance Broker offers the option of paying insurance premiums in cash instalment with no credit card required and no interest. The protection starts as soon as the first instalment is made. Customers can choose to pay premiums in up to 10 instalments.

TIDLOR Insurance Broker provides all types of vehicle insurance, personal accident insurance (PA), cancer insurance, and other insurances. There are over 5,000 licensed brokers nationwide with insight and experience to give insurance advice. Some 20 partners of leading insurance companies offer insurance conditions most suitable to customers.

TIDLOR Insurance Broker also features the innovative InsurTech platform, specifically designed by Ngern Tid Lor to achieve higher insurance standards for customers including precise, accurate and convenient coverage conditions.

The resulting rapid growth of its insurance brokerage business made Ngern Tid Lor Thailand’s no. 2 insurance broker in 2021 as measured by total premiums received.

TIDLOR Insurance Broker logo is designed around the concept of protection, coverage, stability and reliability. A shield conveys the idea of taking care of customers so they have peace of mind by using the service while the main logo conveys safety. It features two primary colours. NTL blue conveys stability, reliability, intelligence and agility. Golden yellow conveys positive energy, happiness, wealth, warmth, friendliness and creativity.

“The company had total non-life insurance premiums of 5,220 million baht in 2021, an increase of more than 30% from 2020,” revealed Mrs. Athitaya Phoonwathu, Head of Insurance Broker Department “This ranks Ngern Tid Lor second among insurance brokers in terms of total premiums received and reflects the strength of the company in focusing on driving the organisation with digital technology and innovation to promote insurance coverage for retail customers.”

The company has received good feedback from customers who can choose to pay insurance premiums by cash for a maximum period of 10 instalments, from 6 instalments previously. Protection starts immediately with the first payment.

More information is available at www.tidlor.com, Facebook, or call center at 088-088-0880 24 hours a day.

Source: Bangkok Post


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