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Ngern Tidlor launches the "TIDLOR Card" campaign, promising a low interest rate of 0.94%

22 May 2023
Ngern Tidlor launches the "TIDLOR Card" campaign, promising a low interest rate of 0.94%
Piyasak Ukritnukun, Managing Director of Ngern Tid Lor Public Company Limited, announced this latest campaign for auto-title loan applications under the sedan and pick-up truck category, along with TIDLOR Card. Eligible applicants will benefit from a special interest rate of 0.94% per month, aimed at providing relief to underbanked customers and independent workers.

Directed by Tor Thanonchai Sornsriwichai, the campaign video takes on a serious, sincere, and heartwarming tone. Its purpose is to raise awareness of the staff's commitment and determination to maintain the lowest interest rate in order to support customers. The ad can be viewed on the Ngern Tidlor YouTube channel or Facebook Fanpage Ngern Tidlor.

In the midst of Thailand's current inflation crisis and rising interest rates, many credit loan service operators have been forced to raise interest rates to offset increasing costs. This has resulted in unavoidable financial burdens for individuals. Ngern Tidlor, however, aims to alleviate customers' overwhelming expenses by providing access to financial resources for credit applicants.

The "TIDLOR Card insists we offer the low interest rate of 0.94%" campaign is launched with a fixed interest rate of 0.94% per month, which is equivalent to an Effective Annual Interest Rate of 20%. This new campaign aims to offer financial solutions for customers and increase liquidity for their businesses, supporting the expanding economic landscape during the ongoing recovery trend observed in the first quarter's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). With a stronger and more positive outlook than previously forecasted, domestic economic growth indicates a steady upward trend throughout 2023.

The "TIDLOR Card" is a revolving cash card that allows auto title loan customers to withdraw cash up to an approved balance at any of the 50,000 leading commercial ATMs nationwide, 24 hours a day. Interest is only charged on the amount withdrawn, not the balance, facilitating flexible access to funds without the need for a new application submission. This feature also eliminates the cost of traveling to a Ngern Tidlor branch.

For more information, please visit the Ngern Tidlor website at www.tidlor.com or the Ngern Tidlor Facebook Fanpage. Alternatively, you can contact the 24-hour call center at 088-088-0880.

Source: Bangkok Post


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