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Hands together to Get Through the COVID-19 Crisis

Hands together to Get Through the COVID-19 Crisis
One of the lessons we have learned from past crises is that teamwork and unity, which are ingrained in the DNA of NTLers, will help us survive and get through difficult times together. With this DNA, TIDLOR volunteer team was formed to assist the volunteer work of “SaveThailandSafe”, a Facebook page jointly founded by celebrities and influencers to help COVID-19 patients.

Although TIDLOR already has a policy to help customers who have been affected by the COVID-19 situation by offering a payment deferral program to alleviate customers’ debt burdens, when we see another opportunity to help society get through this crisis, we do not hesitate to lend a hand.

The story of our TIDLOR volunteer team can be traced back to when the TIDLOR Chatbot Team helped Botnoi Consulting Company develop a chatbot system for the SaveThailandSafe page. This system enables chatbots to respond to the growing number of requests for help, screen patients effectively, and forward them to the medical team in a timely manner. From our idea sharing, we agreed that our skills and expertise could help them.

This volunteer work is challenging because we have work against the clock, COVID-19, and life and death. Our volunteer team strives to develop a system to best meet the needs of both patients and team staff. Our commitment pushes us beyond our limits and requires us to put the interests of our team, staff, patients, and society before our own.

“Talking to the team members and doctor volunteer team made us realized that there were still many areas that our skills and expertise could fill in. So, we shared our thoughts with our executives, who not only agreed with us but also fully supported this volunteer work. It was beyond what we expected.”

This was how our volunteer team was formed, consisting of volunteers from every department of TIDLOR to help people affected by the COVID-19 crisis. We collaborated with the SaveThailandSafe page, dividing our volunteer team into two smaller teams.

The first team is a NTL Care team, responsible for TIDLOR’s customer care. They make calls to customers infected with COVID-19 to inquire as to whether they have received treatment and to give advice on how to take care of themselves while waiting for treatment. The team also provides information about other assistance channels and sends them a care box, containing common household drugs, surgical masks, alcohol gels, some food, and drinks.

The second team is a page admin team, helping answer questions on the SaveThailandSafe page and asking patients for information to register them for hospital beds. Moreover, they give advice and encouragement to patients and their relatives and forward patients to the medical team. There is also a Trainer Team from the Financial Education team joined and providing the knowledge needed for our volunteers to be able to answer questions and give basic advice to patients.
“Due to COVID-19, fewer customers visited our branches. So, I thought that I might take this opportunity to help others. Before this, I did not know the process involved in helping people with COVID-19. After becoming a volunteer, I gained more understanding. When I firstly get to help a patient, I sent him a form consisting of 11 questions for him to fill out. He said that he felt too exhausted and could not completely fill out the form. I kept helping him until he could answer all the questions, got a case number. He was eventually taken by ambulance to a hospital for treatment. I was very happy and thought that although what I did was only a small part, being able to help others made me felt that my life was worthwhile.”

The joining force of this volunteer group not only gives us a chance to reinforce our corporate spirit to help and provide opportunities to others and community, but this valuable experience also rewards us with knowledge and a sense of fulfilment, both as a giver and a receiver.

Although our TIDLOR volunteer team is just a small group made up of TIDLOR’s employees to encourage and help other people in society and our customers who have been affected by this crisis, our team is a strong force of committed individuals working together to enable Thai society to roll forward amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

 And, this is yet another praiseworthy story that underlies the DNA of everyone at Ngern Tid Lor.