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Ngern Tid Lor Sharing for Life Rolls Forward

Ngern Tid Lor Sharing for Life Rolls Forward
Despite the bad news of rising COVID-19 cases and the global death toll, there are good stories worth sharing throughout Thailand. They are about kindness that puts smiles on the faces and hope in the hearts of affected people, encouraging them to keep on fighting.

Of course, Ngern Tid Lor believes in the idea of sustainable aid, rather than one-time help which fails to help people to become self-reliant. The social contribution projects that we have long carried out are thus intended to deliver financial education to communities across the country.

However, short-term aid intended for immediate relief is also necessary, especially during a devastating crisis in Thailand that left a large number of people in urgent need of help.

During the COVID-19 crisis, Ngern Tid Lor has once again mobilized its manpower under the Ngern Tid Lor Sharing for Life Rolls Forward project to provide short-term and long-term aids to people affected by COVID-19, following the previous Urgent Missions for Life Rolls Forward to assist and advise customers and the general public in registering for government relief measures, and act to as a middleman recruiting people affected by COVID-19.

Short-Term Aid for Immediate Relief

Ngern Tid Lor’s short-term COVID-19 aid was originated from branch staff; they have seen the suffering of economically vulnerable people who live hand-to-mouth. When they are unemployed, they had no income and no money to buy food or necessities. This encounter sparked the idea of giving out survival bags or sharing bags to help alleviate their suffering.

Ngern Tid Lor’s executives agreed with this idea and provided additional funds for each branch to buy twice the number of more essential items to be put in the sharing bags. Moreover, this project was financially supported by donations from Ngern Tid Lor’s employees and through the auction of executives’ treasures which raised funds of up to nearly 300,000 baht.

In addition, sharing cupboards have been set up in front of Ngern Tid Lor’s branches located near communities with a large number of affected people. People affected by COVID-19, regardless of whether or not they are Ngern Tid Lor’s customers, can get food and items such as milk, rice, and dry food from the sharing cupboards maintained by Ngern Tid Lor’s branch staff. When the items in the sharing cupboards are running out, the branch staff will use the money from the Ngern Tid Lor sharing project to buy food and items to fill them. Moreover, there are Ngern Tid Lor customers who want to help, bringing their food and essential items to place in the sharing cupboards to share with others.

Long-Term Aid for Sustainable Development

Ngern Tid Lor is also trying to help vulnerable grassroots people who are affected by COVID-19 in a more sustainable way.

With support from CVC Capital Partners, a Ngern Tid Lor shareholder, we have donated money to the Fighting Crisis for Young Children Fund under the Department of Educational Equity Promotion to help very poor students affected by COVID-19. Normally, these very poor students would each receive a nutritionally complete breakfast and lunch during term time prepared by their schools. But when the school term is postponed due to COVID-19, these children miss out on free school meals. They sometimes have to eat rice with boiled lettuce or even rice with plain water. Ngern Tid Lor believes that helping these students with meals and helping them to resume their education when school term starts will pave the way to a better future for them.

Ngern Tid Lor has also donated money through the Mirror Foundation to help unemployed and homeless people who are affected by COVID-19. The Foundation organizes a project to hire these people to pack survival bags and clean public places, allowing their lives to roll forward with dignity, and without relying on help from others.

In addition to social contribution activities that teach Ngern Tid Lor staff how to be givers, the COVID-19 crisis gives our staff and many people a better lesson than any other classroom: It is important to practice mindfulness in everyday life because nobody knows when a situation like COVID-19 will happen again. It also teaches us the importance of savings and mindful spending.

More importantly, COVID-19 shows that kindness and sharing are important powers that will help everyone in society to get through a difficult time together.