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Glancing at Digital Technology in Ngern Tid Lor’s Back Office

Glancing at Digital Technology in Ngern Tid Lor’s Back Office
Of course, an organization cannot rely purely on luck to survive and continue to grow steadily in an era where the world is rapidly transformed by digital technology. It requires timely preparation and prompt adaptation.     
At Ngern Tid Lor, our Operations is our defensive back who paves the way and builds readiness to allow our front lines such as Customer Services and branch staff to deliver great services and positive experiences to customers. It also helps our back-office functions to work more efficiently by developing and adopting digital tools and technologies to improve work performance and life quality.
Let’s take a look at some of these digital technologies that our Operations has implemented to reduce cost and time while improving performance and creating growth, in turn increasing opportunities for both Ngern Tid Lor’s employees and customers to have a better life.

To Transfer Money or Make Payments, It’s All Online 

Because we believe that customer experience is important to us, at Ngern Tid Lor, we strive to develop our work processes to make customers lives easier. For example, we have added more money transfer channels for our loan customers. Since September 2019, Ngern Tid Lors customers can choose to have their loans transferred to any bank account of their choice. In October 2020, we added a PromptPay option to allow customers to receive loans through PromptPay that they have registered even if they forget to bring their bank accounts with them to the branch.
Moreover, we have added an online payment channel connecting Ngern Tid Lor’s system to the payment system of all commercial banks. This makes it more convenient for our customers to make their loan or insurance installment payments via any mobile banking.
At the same time, we have developed a QR payment channel to allow customers to scan a QR code to pay their loan installments or insurance premiums instead of paying by cash, which effectively promotes a cashless society lifestyle and social distancing.
During the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, our customers shifted to online payments by up to 270 percent and the number continued rising.

Things Are Easy and Convenient with the Ngern Tid Lor Application

Ngern Tid Lor application is another digital technology aiming to reduce inequality and create transparent and convenient financial access for our customers. This application was launched at the time we introduced our online payment channels during the first wave of the COVID-19, a time when people were increasingly adapting to digital lifestyles. Our customers can now check information and make transactions on the Ngern Tid Lor application. For example, they can buy a compulsory motor insurance simply by filling out a form via the application and choose to pay by a method of their choice to get a coverage immediately without the need to travel to a branch.
The application alco comes with a feature to allow loan customers to apply for a Tidlor Card (revolving cash card) to withdraw cash from any ATM for immediate use. Previously, the Tidlor Card must be applied through the Customer Services only.
Moreover, we are planning to add a more convenient experience for our customers by developing a feature to allow our existing customers to apply for top-up (to increase credit line) and get the money immediately. Customers can simply click to confirm their top-up request. After the system has verified the information, it will immediately transfer the money to the bank account the customer has registered with the company, no document or new contract needed. This feature is expected to be available later this year.

Adopting API Technology

In addition to offering positive experiences to our customers, we attach great importance to improving our back-office structure. We have adopted the API (Application Programming Interface) technology, an interface that connects multiple software applications, to allow customers to retrieve information through online channels faster and more efficiently. The API can also notify customers of their activities in real time.  
Ngern Tid Lor has also initialed the E-Billing and E-Receipt project, which not only reduces paper consumption but also gives our customers more options and conveniences.
To ensure that our customers enjoy positive experiences in using digital services without interruption, we have set up the Digital Care team consisting of staff members who are knowledgeable and skilled in the field of digital technology to assist, give advice, and help solve problems for customers so that their lives can roll forward smoothly.