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An Opportunity for One Employee Can Result in Endless Opportunities for Many Others

An Opportunity for One Employee Can Result in Endless Opportunities for Many Others
       “At Ngern Tid Lor, everything we do is to empower people and enrich lives. We BELIEVE that access to fair, transparent, and responsible financial services is everyone's right. We deliver financial betterment by offering relevant products and services that are simple to understand, convenient, and fast through our committed employees.”

       “Opportunity” is not just a fancy word but is a word that we, at Ngern Tid Lor, are familiar with, both as an “opportunity receiver” and “opportunity giver” to keep life rolling forward. We have used this word as a foundation for our belief and practices and as a basis for our corporate values, which guide us toward our shared goal.

       We, from executives to staffs at Ngern Tid Lor, also believe that when receiving an opportunity and doing our best to make that opportunity successful, even if the outcome is not as we expected, we can still learn from that opportunity in order to improve ourselves. If we meet with success, we can pass on that opportunity to others.

        Mingkwan Prasertsiwaporn, a financial education team leader, is one of our employees who reflect our corporate value, “Sustainable Impact by Creating Opportunities.” Since he started working at Ngern Tid Lor as a messenger 15 years ago, he has continued to receive opportunities to learn and grow in his career and eventually became a training expert in the Training and Development Department and a financial education team leader for Ngern Tid Lor, helping to provide opportunities to thousands of people.  

Not Just a Messenger

       With his high school diploma, Mingkwan started working at Ngern Tid Lor as a messenger, responsible for depositing checks at a bank for transfer to customers.

       “At that time, I didn’t understand how important each check was to customers. After looking at the complete jigsaw puzzle later, I realized that I was one of the linchpins that helped customers to get their money faster,” Mingkwan recalled about his work in 2005.

       Later, as internet banking technology played an increasingly important role in everyday life, Mingkwan was given an opportunity to become an officer at the Transfer Service Center, responsible for verifying documents before transferring money to customers. He was later promoted to a loan approval officer. During this time, Mingkwan spent his evening pursuing further study until he graduated with a high vocational certificate and bachelor’s degree. After gaining back office work experience, he requested to be transferred to the Ngern Tid Lor Bang Khae branch. Every day, he rode a motorcycle for 120 kilometers to go to work then back to his home in Khlong Luang, Pathum Thani. His work covered a full range of services, which included interviewing customers, inspecting customers’ houses, car transfer processing, and collecting when customers did not pay the installment. Mingkwan worked at the Bang Khae branch for only one year before he was invited to become a trainer at the head office.

Training Thousands of People

       “What made me change my thinking to open up new horizons was that if I was at the branch, I could only teach two to three people. But if I came to the head office, I would be able to teach thousands of people. That would benefit more people and add more value to myself. When I actually tried, I found that I was happy to teach and give advice to my colleagues to help them do what they should do,” said Mingkwan, revealing the important decision-making that turned him from a messenger to a professional trainer. When asked what he had to teach others and where he got his teaching skills from – his answer was from pure experiences.

       “When I was working in the Credit Department, there was no training team. When new employees came to ask me about the work, I began to teach them what I knew from my own experiences. And because my work involved contacting the head office, I ended up acting like an intermediary, communicating between the branch and the head office. When the Company wrote its first SOP (Standard Operation Procedures), I had the opportunity to study the procedures in detail. When combined with my experiences from doing my job, they enabled me to give examples of ways to resolve various situations for new employees to allow them to see the picture more clearly. I provided credit training for branch and area managers as well. I started to like teaching since then.”

Passing on Opportunities at a Larger Scale

        After working as a training officer for employees in the Company for a while, Mingkwan got another opportunity in 2013, when Ngern Tid Lor initiated a financial education training project for wet market loan customers to help market vendors pay off their debts and build a more stable life. This project was further developed into the “Financial Knowledge to Communities for Life Rolls Forward” project in 2015, expanding the scope of financial education into communities in other provinces across the country. It was not an easy task, but Mingkwan and the Ngern Tid Lor team have never been discouraged.

       “My team of volunteers and I will first do the fieldwork to survey the behavior of people in each community, what they like or dislike, and what they mainly consume. Then, I will find awesome example cases to share with them on the training day in order to provoke them into thinking that if they continue to think and live the same way, their life will get worse. I will not tell them how exactly to pay off their debt, but I will simulate a scenario to encourage them to say why they are in debt, for example, from bad spending habits, lack of financial planning, unforeseen circumstances, or hoping to get a shortcut to becoming rich. Then, I will slowly explain to them how people have different lifestyles. For example, how wanting what other people have can lead to debt. Once we know the reasons, I will tell them how to prevent getting into debt or to get out of debt with the least pain. Financial education training along with loan approval will provide protection for people and make them realize whether the money they borrow will generate income and how to use the money to get the most out of it.” Mingkwan told us about his approach to teaching communities for the recent financial education training he and his team organized for prisons as part of the “Kamlangjai Project under the Royal Initiative of HRH Princess Bajrakitiyabha” in which Ngern Tid Lor is responsible for developing financial courses for prisoners in order to prepare them for life and career opportunities after prison.

Passing on Opportunities at a Larger Scale

       “The more I work, the more I want to learn. I’m currently studying for a master’s degree in Economics, Digital Economy Program, to broaden my horizons. One of my seniors once told me that even though what we do is very small, if we don’t act, it will lead to no changes. It is enough if we are happy in what we do and people can put the knowledge we teach them into use.

       I think we first have to give ourselves an opportunity. Once we have received the opportunity, we should pass on that opportunity to those around us as much as possible. Then, opportunities will be everywhere. When more people think like this, our society will be full of people helping each other.” Mingkwan defined opportunity as a condition or situation that not only makes it possible for him to attain success but can also be passed on to benefit society at large under the driving force of Ngern Tid Lor, a financial wheel that never stops rolling forward.