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How to Seize Opportunities to Help You Achieve Success

How to Seize Opportunities to Help You Achieve Success

Opportunities can happen to everyone.

Some recognize and seize them to advance and succeed. However, some do not know effective ways to utilize the opportunities they have already had on hands.

Today, TIDLOR Story will share a use case of how to seize opportunities and help you succeed!

Mr. Phirasak Kaeochot, General Region Manager-EN, was one of Ngern Tid Lor’s regional leaders who participated in our Branch Leadership Offsite Workshop whose objective is to encourage leaders to share their success stories before beginning a career path at Ngern Tid Lor, Opportunity Incorporation.

This annual workshop aims to develop leaderships within our people and provide an outstanding opportunity for participants to share their experiences and lessons learned to success.

Creating Your Own Opportunities and Setting Goals to Achieve

Phirasak talked about his experience of creating his own path of opportunities and his determination to achieve the goals he set for himself.

“Before joining Ngern Tid Lor, I ran a clothing stall business while studying. Next, I worked at a multinational bank. After working as a credit officer at Ngern Tid Lor (at the time known as Srisawad Ngern Tid Lor) for 8 months, I started realizing that I could grow here. That was when I set my 1st goal to become a Branch Manager within a year and a half. A year and two months later, I became Ranong Branch Manager.”

Consequently, Phirasak set his 2nd and 3rd goals and gradually advanced to become an Area Manager and then a Region Manager. Although achieving these goals was not always easy, he developed strategies and kept planning his path to reach them.

Setting High Standards While Passing on Knowledge and Opportunities to Others

“When I first became a Regional Manager, I had the opportunity to supervise a team in EN area that performance ranked among the lowest in the country. It was very challenging but I thought that as I was given this opportunity, I must do my best; I believed I could lead EN to success. I promised my team that I would bring EN to the top 3 teams in the company. To accomplish this, I identified 3 problems that needed a solution:

1) High turn-over rate, 2) A sales decline, and 3) Failure to achieve insurance sales targets. I then started analyzing the causes of these problems.

I found that the cause of the 1st problem was a lack of training. Due to this, new employees did not understand the products and could not sell them. When they could not earn incentives, they then quit. So, I started to recruit new blood who shared the same vision and values as ours, and who had the potential to grow into a manager. The 2nd problem was caused by insufficient sales channels. To address this, I asked the team to identify and source more new channels to reach more customers. As for the 3rd problem, I knew EN had 280 employees. If each employee could sell 50 thousand baht of insurance policy, EN would achieve its monthly target, which I believed was possible.

However, my belief was not enough; I needed to make every team member believed as well. This was where Core Values came into play. I told every Area Manager to set an example and walk the talk to help young colleagues understand these values. When everyone shared the same values and beliefs, they worked together to overcome their weakness. As they gradually improved their skills, they eventually became successful. And their manner of working became self-discipline.

Discipline is the secret to EN’s success. It is the principle behind our life and work. Our team is not talented, but everyone is disciplined and collaborating as teamwork, meaning we can accomplish anything.”

Keep Being Motivated and Always Thirst for Wisdom

Another principle held by Phirasak is that when you finally succeed, you must not forget those who has inspired and guided you to make the right choices and learn.

“The first person who motivated and gave me an opportunity was Pongsit Rakchat. He often teases me that it was him who picked me up off the street because he was visiting my street clothing stall when he gave me my job application form.

The second person was Somrak Ratanamahasakul, the Senior General Region Manager of CN who interviewed and accepted me. He taught me how to seize cars, and approve loan.

The third person was Wuttipong Tongkaewkerd, AVP Sales Management and Insurance Sales. He was my first Region Manager and he taught me everything I should know.

The fourth person was Bancha Rueangsaeng, the General Region Manager of CE who gave me the opportunity to train in the North which was different from what I was used to.

The fifth person was Uchin Pisamai, the General Region Manager of ES, who inspired me to want to be a Regional Manager when I saw him succeed and win many awards.

I also had the opportunity to learn from role models such as Supachoke Akkarakulyos, SVP Branch Sales Management and Channel Management, who taught me that the best mentoring method is to walk the talk, and Chaweemas Yamyim, Head of Branch Development, Sales Management, and the Collections Department, who taught me to be attentive to details in order to understand the problems of subordinates and to help them solve the problems. Finally, Piyasak Ukritnukun, the Managing Director of Ngern Tid Lor, showed me that even if he is a top executive, he could be accessible.

Everyone, including Area Managers, Branch Managers, and Credit Officers, are like partners in my success. Without a push from them, I would not have the opportunity to achieve my goals.”

And these are the key guideline to seizing opportunities for success for those who are always ready to learn.