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At Ngern Tid Lor, we hope to help build a stronger Thai society that is able to move toward sustainability. We firmly believe that our role in achieving this goal is to create opportunities for our employees, our customers, our partners, as well as others in society.

The society of opportunity we envision is a society where everyone can access fair and transparent financial products and services. We are trying to achieve this vision, understanding that customers must also play a part, by being responsible, diligently improving their knowledge, taking action, and developing further. We can only help them to get back on track and keep moving forward when they have no one to rely on.

Profit is not the most important thing for us, although profitability and growth are necessary for the company to survive. We want to make a sustainable contribution and we understand that only a strong company can continue to invest in employees and society.

We can never measure the results of opportunity sharing but we believe that we are helping to make society a better place.
Financial Education
In 2013 when we started to provide Nano Finance service to wet-market vendors, we began to be aware of the financial management problem faced by this group of customers. As a result, we initiated a financial literacy program to create financial knowledge opportunities as we believe that "basic financial knowledge is a key to sustainable development of quality of life." This program was further developed into the “Financial Knowledge to Communities for Life Rolling Forward Project” in 2015 to engage Ngern Tid Lor’s employees, factory workers, and communities under the Creating Shared Value concept. The project allowed Ngern Tid Lor’s employees to propose prospective communities and organize financial literacy activities as volunteers.

In 2018, we expanded the program to provide financial literacy to prisoners under the “Kamlangjai” project under the royal initiative of HRH Princess Bajrakitiyabha. We developed basic financial knowledge and organized literacy activities for prisoners. We also organized the Train the Trainer program to educate prison guards and volunteer probation officers so that they could pass on the financial knowledge and provide basic advice to prisoners.

To date, Ngern Tid Lor has organized 191 activities to bring knowledge to communities, with 5,203 participants and 912 Ngern Tid Lor volunteers participating in the activities. In addition, we have provided training to 903 prisoners from 9 prisons and trained 212 prison guards and probation officers in the “Train the Trainer” program.
No. of participating communities
No. of Participants
No. of Ngern Tid Lor volunteers
*As of 31 July 2022