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'Ngern Tid Lor Application' - Expanding digital privileges to wide customers

'Ngern Tid Lor Application' - Expanding digital privileges to wide customers
Piyasak Ukritnukun, Managing Director of Ngern Tid Lor, reveals that the company has developed an integrated mobile application that will help customers adapt to the new normal, making it easier for them to manage their loan and insurance accounts. The application not only helps customers to search for a branch of Ngern Tid Lor but also lets them check their credit balance, make a loan payment, apply for special credit top-up, and purchase compulsory auto insurance without the need to travel to a branch. Since its first launch, the Ngern Tid Lor application has been well-received with 192,000 registered users as of 31 December 2020. Moreover, 29% of customers have switched to online payment methods. These trends reflect the transition to the new normal and the digital economy, which will play a crucial role in the operations of the finance industry in the future.

Ngern Tid Lor has long attached importance to innovation and technological development to enhance business operation efficiency and transparency, improve services, and reduce branch expansion costs. And these are only the beginning of what financial technologies developed by Ngern Tid Lor can do to support the driving of business growth. However, Ngern Tid Lor is committed to creating financial betterments while improving access to financial services and providing basic financial literacy to help Thai people get their lives rolling forward.

Pakamon Tulyapizitchai, Head of Digital Transformation reveals that the Ngern Tid Lor application is designed to enable customers to take better control and manage their lives, as well as accessing services offered by Ngern Tid Lor easily and conveniently 24/7. It is akin to a palm-sized branch that allows customers to check their due payments, credit loan balance, amounts withdrawn from their card over the past 12 months, invoices, and other Ngern Tid Lor products and services. Customers can also use the app to buy compulsory auto insurance and get instant cover. In addition, they can check if they are eligible to and apply for a credit top-up and activate the Tidlor Card (revolving cash card). The application also comes with a money management knowledgebase and fun educational games which give points that user can use to redeem prizes and privileges.

The Ngern Tid Lor application is available for download from App Store and Google Play or by visiting For more information about the Ngern Tid Lor application, visit To learn more about Ngern Tid Lor, visit http://www.tidlor.comand Ngern Tid Lor Facebook Fan Page or contact the call center at 088-088-0880.