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NTL wins Digital CX Award for its innovative supports for financial equality

NTL wins Digital CX Award for its innovative supports for financial equality
Ngern Tid lor Public Company Limited is representative, Pakamon Tulyapizitchai, SVP Digital Transformation, joined The Digital CX Awards 2021, a leading digital competition in Asia hosted by The Digital Banker organization, founded to endorse banking customers’ digital experiences.

This year, NTL won the top award for Outstanding CX in Digital Sales Strategy for its use of data to improve online trading access. NTL also collected the Highly Acclaimed Award: Best Use of Data and Analytics for CX for its utilization of data and Google 360 to elevate customer experiences on the NTL website and mobile application.

The awards conveyed the company’s success in accommodating a varied group of customers with differing demands and purchase behaviors with respect to credit and car insurance. This, in turn, led to an increase in credit issuance and car insurance sales, both in value and customer volume terms. This clearly testifies to NTL’s successful efforts to be an innovative organization that consistently raises the quality of its services and reduces financial inequality overall.

The 2021 achievements marked further progress from the company’s garnering of the Most Innovative – Digital Innovation in Financial Inclusion from Digital CX Award 2020 for which its Line OA solutions were cited. That win reflected availability of financial services to NTL clients and keeping up-to-date with available credit limits and payment due dates while also providing 24/7 access to other information such as important notifications, promotions, and special privileges.

NTL was also cited for its Outstanding Leadership in Customer Experience-Team via the agile work mechanisms and the use of trial-and-error statistics to create innovative customer-based methodologies and plans, including smart resource management and easy-to-use digital solutions. The company’s digital presentation on such online platforms as Line Official, NTL website, NTL social media, as well as NTL application, has been well-received. 

The Digital CX Awards was annually hosted by The Digital Banker, a global financial advisory which helps to assure operational standards among financial institutions. Its recent achievements in pushing the limit for digital payments, service provision, and innovation, have created a new face for the financial industry in terms of customer experience.

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Source: Bangkok Post