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Ngern Tid Lor Urges Customers Recovering From COVID-19

Ngern Tid Lor Urges Customers Recovering From COVID-19
Piyasak Ukritnukun, Managing Director of Ngern Tid Lor, said that the COVID-19 crisis has greatly affected low-income and self-employed people. Although the outbreak situation in Thailand is improving, grassroots and self-employed people are in need of funds to recover their businesses. Ngern Tid Lor is determined to create financial opportunities to enable customers to have access to funding for career development and to help vulnerable customers avoid informal financing, which is akin to hell debt aggravating the misery and suffering of customers and society.

To date, Ngern Tid Lor has helped more than 150,000 customers affected by COVID-19, accounting for a total loan value of over 15,000 million baht.

In addition to helping our customers, Ngern Tid Lor strives to create opportunities for society through the “Ngern Tid Lor Sharing for Life Rolls Forward” project, which aims to assist people in communities as follows:
  1. Relief measures registration Ngern Tid Lor branches across the country offer advice on registering for government COVID-19 relief measures and free Wi-Fi. Measures include 5,000-baht cash handout and refund of electricity meter deposits on smart phones.
  2. Sharing bags Survival bags containing goods and products bought from shops in communities to alleviate the suffering for both the shops and affected people in communities. The project has extended assistance to various areas throughout the country.
  3. Sharing shelves Shelves in front of branches which receive food and essential items to be shared with people affected by COVID-19.
  4. Employment Program for People Affected by COVID-19 In collaboration with partners, we act as a middleman to publicize hiring and recruitment news to customers, their families, and community members to help them earn money during difficult times.